Young Living works a little differently that many online companies. It’s a referral based company, with wholesale option.


If you want to buy and try an oil or two, you can set up a Retail Customer account like anywhere else online. We'll help you right there. If you fall in love with the oils and see the benefit to wholesale for yourself, you can upgrade to that.


However, I want to honestly say, that it’s a much better deal and experience if you get your own Wholesale Member account and start with a kit. Once you buy your starter kit, (you'll see that below), you are then entitled to purchase at a 24% discount on any order you might choose to place. It's sort of like a Sam’s Club or Costco membership. Only with Young Living, you actually get a diffuser and a kit of amazing foundational oils, not just an ol' laminated card. And, it’s a one-time thing ~ no annual fee. You are never required to buy a certain amount every month, and you are never required to sell or tell others about Young Living.


Okay, so a “referral based” company ~  Really, it’s just friends sharing with friends. Jeez I’d share it with anybody, even if I didn’t get paid for it. I love ‘em, they work, so of course I’m gonna hook my people up - IF they want it. I’m not here to convince or cajole anyone. These oils speak for themselves, so I simply share, educate and let them decide. ~Then I show them how.


Look, if you’re okay with receiving a thank you check from Young Living for referring your friends to something that can truly help them, well dang, why not? (I wish every restaurant, movie or product I recommended gave me a little cut).


If you’re not, then just get the oils for yourself. They rock, for real! You can simply enjoy the best oils on the planet, and all they can do for you. You never have to open a bottle under another person’s whiffer- ever. You can be a "closet oil user" at the cheapest price. That’s how we started over 16 years ago, and look at us now! Just try ‘em. Just use ‘em. Then decide. My guess is, you’ll thank me later ;)


If you still have questions after reading this page, then ask us. We’ll give it to you straight, transparent and all.

If you’re "in", great!  If you’re not, just remember us when it comes back around in your head, and we’ll help you when you’re ready.




When you join us, you'll have access to our private facebook page and all our resources, including our personal consultations, library and community to help you use, enjoy and benefit by Young Living's life changing products.

Seriously, we are all about sharing with you, and helping you understand how these products work in your life.


We love helping local people with classes, in-person...but are equipped to help folks all over the world ~skype, live community ;)

We even "take it on the road" sometimes, as we enjoy traveling and seeing our folks around the country and helping them learn and change lives.



Ready to go?

Pick a premium starter kit and diffuser. Big bang for your buck! It'll have you on a solid foundation right at the start.

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