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This girl has been "in the family" her whole life and spent much of it in Florida. While in the North she has been housed in a enclosed garage.  Recent professional mechanical and coach checks complete. She's in great shape, ready to just get in and go. Clean title.

1998  Coachmen Catalina Sport 220RK
Why You might want
THIS Motorhome :

More photos below

Things needing repair or replacement : 

If you’re a newbie, you won’t know how much of a hassle and costly RVs can be if you don’t know what to look for.  At one point, aside from camping, I had planned to make this my full-time home for a few years, traveling, in search of a forever place. So, I replaced a lot of things. Things that didn’t even really need it, like things that were in the deterioration process from sun, but still functional; potential future leak causers,… I wanted to make sure she was tight and trouble free. She’s more mature, not brand new, but solid and fabulous for the money.

All works well. Good batteries and tires too. Recent routine oil changes in both chassis and generator.

At showing I will demonstrate the components so you know they work. She comes with lots of various spare parts for the camper, for when on the road, if ever needed., like tail and clearance lights, switches, door props, bulbs, valve extenders… and all the gadgets and accessories that help all the RV and systems function well. 

I have the original manuals for the chassis and the entire coach- house part. Two full sets of keys.

Price :  

$10,900. -  If you go only by the NADA guidelines, you don’t have all the info- use for Insurance and Loan purposes yes, but you have to look at the condition of the unit, work needed,  work done, AND research the actual market and do comparables (comps). I’ve done it extensively (almost ad nauseam and that was BEFORE the pandemic!)  I’m confident in this girl.

Size :

She’s small enough to handle at 22’, but the unique layout is really R O O M Y. 

She’s maneuverable around town, so you don’t get stuck with an unmanageable monster. Trust me, this is a big advantage when navigating all kinds of places.

Her size will allow you access deep into National Parks, where the bigger rigs aren’t permitted now.

We've found that 24' is the maximum length we'd ever want in order to get into tight campsites. We can park in regular parking lot sites (we can usually find a parking place that allows us to back in, let the rear end hang over the curb or whatever & allows the hood to be almost the same distance from the rear curb as most cars)… People are hanging on to the smaller ones like this.


Layout :

Rear kitchen C class are rare finds! Lets you keep a peaceful and clutter free living zone, and lets the cook have lots of room to work unhindered. Super nice feature!  Couch and dinette easily convert into beds, and you have the large over-cab bed too. Tons of storage.

Why Class C? - The big bed over the cab saves you 6-7 feet in added length. This makes a huge difference in how easy it is to handle and access places.


She has been lovingly used. Low mileage is “great”, but too low mileage can mean problems from too little use. Machines are meant to run. 123,600k and plenty left in her.  Also, the generator has been cared for and used, exercised and kept in good shape.

Make/Model and Features, to mention a few :

1998 Coachmen Catalina Sport 220RK on a Ford E-350 with 6.8 L Triton V10 engine

Awning, Onan generator, Full Bath, AC/Heater, propane Furnace, Microwave, Stove/Oven, Roomy 3 way Fridge/freezer, Water Heater, Electric Step, 37 gallons on-board water storage and pump, small retractable TV and DVD, Dash Kenwood Stereo with bluetooth (needs re-grounding, if you're a lil handy you can DIY),  Tow hitch package, Emergency Start, exterior windshield vinyl cover for heat shield and privacy, 3 roof vents/2 fans so you can draw air in with one and send air out the other for great ventilation and natural cooling…..

You can self-contain, go boon docking,  off grid! ( handy in these pandemic times too)



With immediate access to the drivers seat, you can speed away from an unsavory or dangerous situation if need be. Trailers give you no chance of that.

It’s also just nice to be able to get from cab to bathroom, dining room, couch, or bed without getting out of the vehicle ... sometimes without even stopping, provided there are two of you, of course! 

Considering Purchase? 

If you are serious about this RV, and actually ready to buy if she fits your wishes, do get in touch. Respectfully, please don’t contact me if you are just a tire-kicker. I understand that process, but I honestly just don’t have time for it right now. 

So you know, she is registered in Florida (as I'd been there part time, but she's here now). Therefore she does not have a NY state inspection, but she has had a coach and systems check and a chassis mechanical pre-sale inspection very recently. She is good to go! 

You may choose to pay folks to do your own checks, but I will require that I can be involved with appointments. I will not just turn it over to you, but will do my best to be accommodating, and work with your chosen places.

Includes a tutorial at purchase for folks who may be new and need to gain more confidence.


Disclosures at bottom.


Contact me by facebook messenger 

front seat from outside.jpg
Come on in!
RV dinette.jpg
Dinette  ( converts to a bed)
RV interior storage.jpg
Lots of storage for wardrobe and more
RV kitchen.jpg
Rear kitchen are a rare find!  Makes the living area so  much more comfortable and clutter free.
RV toilet and tub.jpg
RV bath sink.jpg
Bathroom sink , vanity and towel/caddy
RV tires.jpg
Great tires!
RV front ot back.jpg
View from over-cab bed - front to back of RV
RV back to front length.jpg
From kitchen to front of RV
From kitchen to front of RV
RV jacknife couch in bed postiion.jpg
Couch jack-knifes easily into a bed in one motion
RV stove cutting board.jpg
3 burner stove & oven with magnetic knife rack &
custom cutting board cover = more prep space!
RV shower.jpg
RV fan.jpg
Fan - Draw in air in or send air out
rv engine.jpg
RV queen bed.jpg
Queen size over cab bed. (or is it king?)

What you should know ~ disclosures

The front cabover on driver's side, was hit inside a mechanic's shop. Not badly at all, but enough that it pushed a half circular support into the interior slightly, so you will see a small wave in the fiberglass skin, and an area where a hairline crack had occurred in the fiberglass. This was sealed with RV sealer and the support was epoxied. There are some minor "wrinkles" in the cab over interior ceiling liner that appeared after this impact. This in no way changes the function and ability. It's still sound and did not disrupt roof seals or the seals under the overcab. Professionally approved. 

Also, the vertical RV caulk seam next to the crack along the termination trim (pictured) was pulled and replaced. I don't have a picture of it as is now, but will as soon as I can.

Cab A/C is cool, but will need a recharge at some point, due to some diagnosed tiny leaks, and not enough use.  Was told that a recharge with proper sealants included would likely take care of it. If not long term, a basic recharge could be needed each year. "House" A/C unit works well.  

$  - Price reflects these factors

crack far.jpg
crack closeup.jpg
These are pictures before seal was added to crack, and
caulking was pulled and replaced (as maintenance anyhow.)
cabover angle.jpg